Flight Controls

Whippany UAV, Ruddervator, Aileron Trim
UAV Primary Flight Control System, Aileron Trim and Ruddervator Actuators

Whippany Actuation Systems is a technology leader in electromechanical flight control components and subsystems. We design, develop, manufacture and certify our products in accordance with applicable customer, industry, government and regulatory requirements. Our flight control products support applications ranging from commercial aircraft, rotorcraft, unmanned systems, and missiles.

  • Electric primary flight controls (Aileron, Elevator, Rudder, Ruddervator, Flaperon)
    • 28VDC, 270VDC, +/-270VDC; up to 45kW sinusoidal and trapezoidal drive systems
    • High bandwidth, full digital 3-loop control systems
    • Fault tolerant, redundant control architectures
    • Regenerative energy management
    • Active-active and active-standby motor architectures
    • Ball screw linear and geared rotary transmissions
  • Secondary flight controls (High Lift, Trim, Spoiler, Authority Control / Feel)
    • Brushless DC and AC drive solutions
    • Ball screw and Acme linear actuators and geared rotary actuators
    • Clutches, brakes, dampers and skewed roller devices
    • Custom DC and AC motors

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