Hurricane Sandy


The Challenge:

Sometimes, a critical challenge hits close to home. For us, that time came in October, 2012, when Hurricane Sandy devastated parts of New Jersey and the region. Fortunately, Whippany Actuation Systems was spared any direct damage. But our team members and our community faced an array of difficulties, from the loss of electrical power to severe shortages of gasoline. As we struggled to return to normal, it was clear that we had to marshal the resources of our company to get back on our feet.

The Solution:

Whippany Actuation Systems arranged for 3,000 gallons of gasoline to be delivered from Ohio. As team members got back to their jobs over the next several days, plans were put in place to distribute the fuel. We reached out to our community and with the help of over 200 employees, we supplied gasoline to local law enforcement, the fire department, and FEMA workers. During the crisis, Whippany Actuation Systems was able to keep our facility open and operational; our customers saw little to no impact from the disruptions that occurred throughout our region.

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