Landing Gear

Various actuators from Whippany
landing gear vent valve, landing gear uplock, and nosewheel steering actuators

Whippany Actuation Systems is an industry leader in the emerging market of electric landing gear actuation components for commercial and military aircraft applications. We have certified primary and emergency landing gear and door release, free-fall sequencing actuation and control components for commercial aircraft. We also support unmanned systems with steering and braking solutions.

  • Uplock actuation – primary and emergency
    • 28VDC brushless, continuous duty
    • Simplex and dual redundant architectures
    • Robust performance in extreme environments
  • Valve actuation
    • Vent and By-Pass valve control
    • Safety interlocks
  • Free-fall sequencing
  • Electric Ground Door Opening (GDO)
  • Nose wheel steering
    • 28VDC to 270VDC
    • Simplex and dual redundant architectures
    • Soft start initiation
    • Shimmy damping

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