Maritime Patrol Aircraft


The Challenge:

A major aircraft OEM required a dual redundant electromechanical actuator for mission equipment latch release. The manufacturer needed to evolve beyond their previous application – hydraulic rams coupled with valves and tubing – towards an electric solution that would simplify maintenance and improve reliability.

The expectations for the project were high. Our team needed to address requirements for high loads and extreme environments in a small envelope with dual electrical redundancy to achieve a Probability of Loss of Function acceptable for mission success.


The Solution:

Whippany Actuation Systems adapted a proven actuator, certified on a commercial aircraft landing gear latch release, by adding interface provisions that were specific to the customer’s requirements. Our team was able to swiftly provide actuators for test purposes to secure the contract. We delivered the new configuration of flight worthy actuators 14 weeks after the receipt of the order to meet the critical customer need.

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