Operations - Whippany Actuation Systems
A Whippany employee operating a press in our machine shop

Our 114,000 square foot facility in Whippany, New Jersey, is the heart of our organization. Here, our dedicated employees work tirelessly to design and manufacture specialized electromechanical actuation components for commercial and military aerospace and ground vehicle applications. In every aspect of our work, it is our goal to meet and exceed the high expectations of our customers.

Our core competencies include:


Our core competencies align with the following ATA Chapters:

ATA Chapter and Title Products offered
21 – Air Conditioning and Pressurization Environmental Control System (ECS) valve and door actuators
22 – Autoflight Autopilot control actuators
27 – Flight Controls Secondary flight controls, High-lift components, and Trim actuators
32 – Landing Gear Uplock and valve actuation
49 – Airborne Auxiliary Power APU door actuation
52 – Doors Door actuation, airstairs actuators
66 – Folding Blades/Pylon Rotorcraft blade fold and pylon fold
67 – Rotors Flight Control Rotorcraft trim actuation


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